5. Track results and take action

Generate reports to track your assessment results, and based on those results, detail and prioritize what you will do next as an organization.

Psychosocial Survey for Healthcare

Once you have administered and closed the PSH, you will be able to generate a report for your healthcare organization or for the work area that completed the survey. This will be an aggregate of all responses. As noted, no results will be reported if there are fewer than ten respondents. The report will include:

  • A breakdown of the overall participation rate
  • Overall results for the fifteen psychosocial factors broken down into low, medium and high scores reflecting underperformance, adequate performance, or strong performance on each factor
  • Results for the three items pertaining to perceived discrimination, bullying/harassment or unfair treatment due to a mental illness
  • Highest rated and lowest rated survey items
  • Recommendations for moving forward on your survey results

If you have completed both the ORH and PSH, it is important to compare results to determine discrepant information. The results from both tools will be complemented by communicating and discussing the findings with staff. This may be accomplished by conducting focus groups with different employee groups or programs. The outcome of these discussions will provide a deeper understanding of findings and also contribute to solutions.

Organizational Review for Healthcare

The ORH is intended as an internal tool to assist healthcare organizations to establish a baseline for Standard implementation and to track progress in the enhancement of a psychological health and safety management system within the organization as a whole or within particular work areas. Key informant(s) completing the ORH should review their results for each of the sections with particular attention to:

  • Discrepancies in organizational and staff ratings on the fifteen psychosocial factors
  • Availability and quality of existing psychological health and safety indictors and opportunities for improvement
  • Relevance and effectiveness of existing actions to improve workplace psychological health and safety, and opportunities for new actions.

It is recommended that you review the ORH on a regular basis. The results can be used to facilitate strategic planning of your psychological health and safety initiatives. It is worthwhile including this information in organizational communications in order to enhance staff awareness and input. Finally, you may wish to compare your ORH with other work areas or healthcare organizations.

Guarding Minds at Work