6. Evaluate and maintain

The challenge now is to maintain and build on the work that you have done. As many healthcare organizations have noted, enhancing workplace psychological health and safety involves a change in organizational culture – namely, the values, beliefs and principles of the members of an organization that help guide both internal and external relationships. The following suggestions are provided to assist you and your organizational colleagues in continuing your progress:

Communicate widely

If you have created a communication strategy for informing staff about relevant policies, practices and programs, keep at it. Review your strategies and methods of communication on a regular basis to keep them fresh and relevant. Many successful organizations have observed that using the term “psychological health and safety” at all levels of conversation and documentation helps to embed the lens within the culture of the organization.

Share the responsibility

Encourage others to get involved in your organization’s efforts to enhance workplace psychological health and safety. A well-designed and representative action team will enhance the sustainability of organizational culture change. It is important that the team is actively supported by senior leaders and they have adequate resources available, including time, money and access to information.

Measure your progress

Review and focus your indicators more specifically on information about employee psychological health and safety. Consider both qualitative and quantitative data. Integrating survey data with information from staff forums or focus groups will clarify findings and will help guide your implementation efforts.

Develop a support system and share your knowledge

While the implementation journey for each organization is unique, similar issues arrive for many. We encourage you to stay connected with other organizations in order to share your stories and your successes. Your experiences can benefit others.

Guarding Minds at Work