Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions asked about the tools in Caring for Healthcare Workers.

This project is a quality improvement or quality assurance project that will be used to benefit healthcare organizations and their workforce. Such activities are not defined as research and therefore do not require the same level of review and approval as research studies.

The survey items ask staff about their perceptions of various factors that impact the psychological safety of the workplace. The questions are based on the recognition that staff are well-versed in what it is like to do their job in their work environment. The questions are not about their physical and mental health or possible illness, and no personal information is gathered.

Employee answers are anonymous and no one can see or access individual responses. Only aggregate results will be reported to the organization. If fewer than ten people in a particular group respond, this group will not be analyzed or reported.

All survey response data will be stored during this project on an independent, highly secure and FIPPA compliant Canadian server. Data is stored in a de-identified format so that no one will have access to identifiable information.

Yes, but a high level of completion by all staff will provide more accurate information about the organizational psychological health and safety.

This information will be helpful in two ways. The results for an organization will let leadership know about areas of strength or concern that influence the psychological health and safety of their workplace. The information from all the organizations that are participating in the project will be used to create a database and improve the survey so that it is helpful for all staff in Canadian healthcare organizations.

Yes, employees will receive a link to the survey that can be accessed on a computer, tablet or smart phone. Please note that they will be asked to complete all the questions. They will not be able to stop and save their responses and return later, so they need to allow sufficient time to give this their full attention.

Yes! A great way to become familiar with the assessment tool is to create and send a test survey. During the survey set up, you can select whether the survey will be used for testing only. A test survey has the same functionality as a live survey. You can send out a survey link, collect responses, and generate reports. We recommended that you include the word TEST in your survey name in order to distinguish it from any live surveys and reports.

For the best possible experience and to assure access to all tools and resources, we recommend that you use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari.

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