Caring for Healthcare Workers

A resource for Canadian healthcare organizations to assess and promote workplace psychological health and safety

Protection and promotion of mental health is important in every workplace, but healthcare settings can be particularly challenging environments. Use this free online resource to identify key areas of strength and concern that influence the psychological health and safety in your healthcare organization.

There are two tools in this resource:

Psychosocial Survey for Healthcare

The Psychosocial Survey for Healthcare (PSH) is a brief, voluntary, confidential online survey for staff to share their perspectives on fifteen psychosocial factors within their particular work environment. The PSH is carried out by an individual or committee, designated by the organization, who is provided with the necessary knowledge, time and authority to conduct the survey.

Organizational Review for Healthcare

The Organizational Review for Healthcare (ORH) is designed to determine your healthcare organization's current status and progress in creating and sustaining a psychologically healthy and safe workplace. The ORH is completed by a staff person designated by the healthcare organization who is provided with the necessary time, support and access to information.

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Together, the results of your ORH and PSH form the basis for assessing the psychological health and safety of the staff at your healthcare organization and helping you track your progress.

Summary and comparison reports, suggested strategies, and recommended resources are all provided to help you take positive action to improve your overall psychological health and safety culture.

Guarding Minds at Work